Getting started is easy

Whether you're a user or a developer, we have simple instructions to get started now.

For Users

Download the .trtl plugin for your browser.

For Developers

  1. Apply here & PR your records.
  2. Configure Apache/Nginx & DONE!

Simple pricing

We made an easy url-length based pricing model that works best for most users. If you'd like to know more about the Free Tier of domains we offer, click here!

Free Community Domains

Domains for community use will always be free. We have created a few "communities" for you to pick from.

  • *.bot.trtl
  • *.dev.trtl
  • *.fork.trtl
  • *.pool.trtl
  • *.user.trtl
  • *.node.trtl
Domain Price Term
6+ Characters 15,000 TRTL 1 Year
5 Characters 150,000 TRTL 1 Year
4 Characters 375,000 TRTL 1 Year
3 Characters 750,000 TRTL 1 Year
2 Characters 1,500,000 TRTL 1 Year
1 Character 15,000,000 TRTL 1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a .trtl domain?

Fill out an application, give us your dns info for your site, and point your servers at your new domain. It's pretty simple for most aspiring webmasters, and there are guides coming soon.

What do I get with a .trtl domain?

For the moment you get either a CNAME or A/AAAA record. Once everything is completely automated we'll looking into offering full sub-domain space. For the moment if you get the-box.trtl then in the future you would have the option to fully use the whole sub-domain. So right now all you'll get is the-box.trtl and be able to point it at an IP address or CNAME.

Can I use LetsEncrypt?

Certificates are a technical limitation that we haven't overcome at the moment.
Read more about this issue here.

How much are .trtl domains?

Currently our pricing is based on the length of the name, for a one year term. We're always looking at better ways to do things though, so keep your eyes peeled and you just might spot a deal that works for your project.

What's going on with my application?

All applications go through a review process for now until we can automate the approval process. Leave us a message on github or check the status of your application.

How does recurring billing work?

The application that you submit to get your domain also serves as our primary form of contact and record keeping for your account. There is no private support or email other than Github Issues.

Can I have a refund?


No seriously, can I get a refund?

This service distributes all profits back into the community by automatically dispersing the funds into block rewards for miners over a period of a few blocks. No amount of begging or pleading will help.

Can I register for longer than a year?

At this time, 1 year is the longest domain lease we offer.

What happens after 1 year?

If the renewal fee has not been paid by the expiry date then the domain goes into a 15 day rest period before being made available again to be used. During this 15 day rest period all dns records related will be purged and the prior owner is able to process a new application to obtain the name again.

Fine Print

This system is supposed to be used, there is no place for squatting. In order for this system to be fair and work out well for all here are some simple guidelines to qualify for "in use" status:

  1. There is an inital 45 day grace period to actually use the domain. Coming soon, ads, parking type pages are not eligible to qualify for "in use".
  2. Once this grace period has finished and the domain is "in use" whatever it is must remain up 24/7. After 72hrs on downtime the domain is returned to the pool.
  3. When a domain is lost for not being "in use" the domain is unavailable for 15 days. During this time a case could be put forth to have the domain returned. Else wait for domain to become available again.